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Why is all this here?

Not too long ago I was asking many questions and no one had all the answers.
Well they still don't have all the answers, but, through the course of my journey
I have kept information and now have placed it here so there will be one place to find
many of the answers to the questions one might have reguarding nutritional health.
Even a nutritionist I saw did not understand about the benefits of the vitimins so
I have included several documents on different vitamins and supplements that may
help. Keep in mind that our bodies are different and everyone should  listen to the needs
of their own body. It is not a process you learn overnight but if you keep at it
you will find the right combination that will help bring back your energy and well-being.
I was posting information at a web site where others were looking for information
on different vitamins and supplements but after a period of time the information
would be gone due to limited space.  Here it can be found and kept for anyone to use.

Much of the information on the vitamins and supplements were
gleaned from different resources on the net and placed here
for my personal use since web sites seem to change all too
often or they just vanish overnight. I wanted a place that
would be here for me and anyone who was asking me about the
different vitamins and supplements that were being used without all
the hype in selling anything. Just so you know, I'm not selling
anything but have found by my own experience that certain vitamins
and supplements have been a great benefit to me and my body while
trying to battle this virus I am hosting.

As I progress more I will add more items here so you may want to check back to see
what new information has been added.

If you have something you feel is really useful or you have tried something that has helped you,
I am all ears.  Were not in this fight alone I hold no patent on what is absolutely correct.
So if you have something then you can send me an email.
I won't make the email  into a link so that spammers can get hold of it.
If your selling something I'll delete any emails you send so please don't
disrespect me in that reguard.
You can send it to ...   yaucos "at" .

The spreadsheet I designed following the area hospitals own cbc paperwork.
This would make it quite handy if you ever have to go to another doctor and you had
this sheet filled out, the doctor could tell from one or two pages how your history of
bloodwork has been doing instead of flipping through a dozen or more papers.

For awhile I experimented with a no ad site that was offered by a friend, but I do not think they could keep the site up and I found it was no loger active when I had some time to get around to checking it out one day. Since I can not afford to put this on a website that I must pay for, it had to go here on a site with pop up ads. I truly regret this, but it is the best I can do at this time.