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I ran across this from a forum which I am a member of, and
I asked the author if it was ok to post it here.
He said yes so I copied the info here. 
I thought it could be a very beneficial way of 

helping others out there searching for help.

Thank you Marco !

*I hope to be able to persuade Marco to contribute more of his

recipes here in the future. That is if he has the time. *

  A note from Marco:
“First off, I want to clarify that I am not a registered dietician/nutritionist, or a physician, 
but I do enjoy helping others out with nutrition tips and advice. 

Of course, ALWAYS check with a qualified health professional before 

trying any of someone's, including, my suggestions. 

I just would like to contribute back in some way, especially for 

the wonderful support that has been offered to me here. 

Eating healthy is not an easy thing and sometimes, to the contrary,

more expensive than eating whatever you want. I hope I

can help with a few things with some suggestions.

Some people might want to lose weight, some might just want to get a better nutrition 

intake or have a healthier heart. So below, I've offered a few ideas of meals/snacks. 

With that said here are a couple things to start out with:

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

** Cut up some boneless, skinless chicken breast into small, 

cubelike pieces and brown in a little olive oil, 

in a frying pan/skillet. Set chicken aside in a dish.

** Using the pan/skillet you used for the chicken, 

fry some cut up strips of bell pepper. Remove bell pepper 

and put in dish with cooked chicken. 

Or just cut up washed bell pepper into strips, 

do not fry and leave "as is" for crunch.

** Take a few, "large" pieces of fresh lettuce and lightly 

steam in a pot filled with just a little less than a half inch 

of boiling water. 

Steam the lettuce just enough to use it as a "wrap," 

since you will be filling it with the chicken/bell pepper mixture. 

** Chop up a few green onions and some fresh cilantro.

** Lastly, take the large, lightly steamed piece/pieces of 

lettuce and pile the chicken/pepper mixture on lettuce, 

with the green onions and cilantro and roll up into a wrap.

The olive oil is an excellent source of healthy fats. 

The chicken is high in protein and the bell peppers, 

cilantro and green onions are high in fiber and minerals 

with next to virtually no fat at all. Optionally, you could 

also throw in some fresh, chopped basil leaves.

*webmasters note* for those using virgin coconut oil you can substitute the VCO for the olive oil in this recipe **

Peanut Butter Ball Cookies

** 1 cup peanut butter

** 1 cup Splenda (sugar substitute)

** 1 egg white (VERY IMPORTANT!!! Use pasteurized egg whites that you buy in a small carton,

that carry no risk of salmonella bacteria or other pathogens. 

** 3 scoops vanilla or chocolate whey, or soy, protein

Mix all together. "Slightly" warm up the peanut butter before mixing with other 

Ingredients , so that the mixture isn't over powdery and won't mix. 

(CAREFUL! Peanut butter gets very hot and is easy to overheat! 

Try 10-12 seconds at a time in the microwave.) 

Squeeze mixture hard into ball shapes (size of sausage balls). 

*Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

This recipe makes about 35 balls.


Healthy Tuna Cakes

A good alternative to crab cakes.

** 2 cans tuna, drained

** 3/4 cup of regular oatmeal

** 5 tbsp. worcestershire sauce

** 2 tbsp nonfat mayonnaise

** few dashes of black pepper

Mix all ingredents in a large bowl. 

Make mixture into burger sized patties and place on hot skillet sprayed with Pam. 

Let cook on both sides until brown.


Some other things I do for "cravings" is top baked potatoes with either nonfat

cottage cheese and green onions, or, if you love sour cream like I do, 

take a little "plain" yogurt in a bowl, add in as many chopped green 

onions or chives as you want, add in some salt to taste. (Optional) 

Add just a few "drops" of vinegar to taste. Mix together and although 

not exactly sour cream, it tends to make a good substitute for me personally.