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You have heard of many reason why you can not seem to take the weight off where you don't
want it, or of people going on special diets. Well below are some links to pages that will give you some useful info before you decide to stop eating all carbs, or just can not seem to get back into
shape without going out buying expensive equiptment that will hardly ever get used.

There are several links below. The reason they are not all lumped into one is
that it would be way too much to put into one page.
At the bottom of each page there is another link which has all the info
in a "word document" format so if you want you can download and print it out.

Can't Keep The Weight Off?

10 Tummy Flattening Tips

Change Your Eating Habits

Exercising Your Love Handles

Health Risks & Belly Fat

Forget Crash Diets

Flat Stomach Exercising Myths