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**Before you read the following I do want to say that I have tried this product for 3 months following the directions explicitly. At the end of that time I had blood work drawn and there was no change except that my Cholesterol levels increased dramatically! I want to also stress that all our bodies are different and we react differently to a specific product. This one in my opinion did nothing but waste my money. Someone else may find that it helped them. I was hoping to see an increase in my CD4 count. This did not happen. It may help keep the Virus in check but being on meds and having an undetectable vl before, well it still is the same. As for the T-cells well they must take after their owner and are plain stubborn and refuse to budge. I also want to point out that the protocol for taking this product is not easy if you have a life. Taking the product in the am is fine but you also have to take it again before 2pm and if you work or are not home you will not be taking the product as prescribed by the makers. 

If your looking for an endorsement of this product you wont get it from me!



CM4 (patent pending) is a highly researched product profiled to support, defend, and enhance the function of the immune system. This product could be vital to patients that have a compromised immune system due to age, sickness or injury. In our present world of West Nile Virus and biological weapons like Smallpox and Anthrax it is important to keep one's immune system strong.

Research has been conducted at some the most prestigious research facilities in this country. National Cancer Institute, Centers for Disease Control, Southern Research Institute, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Schneider Children Hospital, and the University of Alabama Medical Center in Birmingham (UAB) are just a few of the facilities where research has been performed.

What Is It?

Product Description

CM4- Specifications

Liquid: proprietary plant glycosides

CM4 (patent pending) is a proprietary plant glycoside formulation in a liquid format that is orally administered. It is comprised of glycosides extracted on "Loss of Drying" criteria and a chemical fingerprint analyzed by way of HPLC technology. The fingerprint is evaluated on chemical peaks for batch to batch standardization on two important active glycosides. The process is performed under ISO 9000+/GMP standards.





Batch #032H2A

Identity HFN

-I-257E (TLC and GFN E-20 HPLC) DAB 10

HPLC fingerprint matches: reference Chromatograms in terms of peak retention times and relative amounts




6.0 - 6.5%


Ethanol Content

HFN Method #016





Clear, reddish brown fluid extract




Sweet and slightly bitter with an astringent undertone



Research Highlights

General Dosage Information

Recommended Intake

CM4 Recommended Usage
Packaged with graduated 1 ml dropper.

Morning 1 ml (Breakfast)
Noon* 1 ml (Lunch)

Children: Weight of Child
5-10 lbs. 11-15 lbs. 16-20 lbs. 21+ lbs.
Morning ml ml ml 1 ml
Noon* ml ml ml ml

*Take prior to 1400 hours or 2 PM

Take twice daily but no later than 2pm.

Shake bottle before using.

Guidelines for Use

CM4 may be taken by itself or it can be diluted in various liquids, such as juice, tea, or water.
CM4 should not be interrupted for longer than two weeks to maintain its effectiveness

It is recommended to interrupt the usage of this compound for two weeks every six months.

General Interaction

No evidence of cytotoxicity or mutagenic potential has been found in any test.

No carcinogenicity studies were performed on CM4 as there was no mutagenic potential observed. It should be noted that CM4 has been used in the 
U.S. for more than 12 years and no carcinogenicity has been reported to date. No teratological effects have been reported or observed in any studies to date.

No major adverse events have been documented in the ongoing or completed trials with HIV/AIDS patients.


This product is not recommended for:

Use during periods of uncontrolled high blood pressure (hypertension).
Individuals experiencing elevated body temperatures (with fevers).
Individuals sensitive or allergic to ethanol (the liquid constituent may be added to hot liquid to evaporate the ethanol).
CM4 should not be taken at night since it may cause restlessness.

Where can you find it:


My Own Experience with CM4:

After some long serious consideration I decided to take the plunge with CM4.

I first had a talk with my doctor to inform him of what I was planning to do and even

Dropped off the empty box so he could have it checked out to make sure it would not

interfere with anything I was already taking.I have come a long way and did not want to mess 

things up at this point in time. My doc said he had no problem with it I decided to begin

taking this product on Jan 1st

Jan 1st

The first time opening up CM4 its smell was like yeach. So I decided to improvise a little.

I was not going to take the product direct from the bottle so I took the 1 ml dropper that came with the bottle

And put the 1ml of liquid in some juice. Im using Guava , Papaya, Mango & Tamarind Nectar and I put the CM4 in about cup of the juice and drink the entire amount quickly.Then I take another cup of Nectar directly afterwards and I have no

bitter taste from the CM4. Besides that I switch the flavors each time so it does not become boring, plus the juice is good for you.

March 3rd,

Labs are to be drawn at the end of the month but these past 9 weeks of taken this stuff has not been fun. Adherence is the biggest problem.1ml in the am and the 2nd ml by 2pmis really difficult to do.I do not see how many people can adhere to such a protocol.

If you like to sleep in then this may not be what you need to take. Im also finding out that

The 60ml bottles do not appear to hold 60ml of liquid.Either that or the dropper they send with the bottle is not correct as you always seem to be running short on the liquid by the end of the month.At least this is what I have found on the first 2 bottles of CM4.

April 11th.

The results from the lab were as follows:

VL <50 same as before taking this product. No change.

CD 4 Cells 338 same as they were back in December no change at all!

Cholesterol up 60 point from the last set of labs! And no there was not a change in diet habits!

Im done using this product!