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Flat Stomach Exercising Myths

There are some common myths associated with getting a flat stomach...particularly when it comes to exercising so I thought I'd discuss of few of them here.
1. The 'Chew Then Crunch' Myth

Ab crunches are good exercises for toning the abs and stomach when combined with a low fat diet. Nevertheless, many people think they can continue to eat what they want and end their day with a couple hundred crunches to "work off" all the fatty foods they ate throughout the day.

If you're not lowering your fat intake, it doesn't matter how many exercises and crunches you perform. Not only will you see zero results, but your stomach may actually increase in size.

Why you ask? Because you're building fat on top of your muscles.

I had this problem when I first started exercising. I didn't lower my caloric or fat intake much but I started doing crunches. For three months straight I did exercised my abs every morning before work. I couldn't understand why I wasn't seeing results. In fact, my stomach started protruding even more.

Well after doing lots of reading I discovered that I was going to also change my diet if I was going to see the results I wanted.

2. The Spot Toning Myth

This is the one that frustrates me the most. I have always been very thin and recently started gaining weight in my hips and thigh area. I welcomed the added pounds .Unfortunately it also left we with a slightly flabby stomach.

I wanted to keep the hips and thighs but lose the stomach so I started exercising my stomach and abs by doing Pilates and crunches.

Well, I didn't see any results. I discovered through reading that you can't just spot tone because if you only focus on one area (ie. your tummy), you won't raise your metabolism enough to burn that extra belly fat. So the key to flattening your stomach area is to increase your body's metabolism so it can effectively get rid of those layers of excess tummy fat, and fat all over your body.

An overall body weight-loss plan is the key to slimming your waistline

3. The Large Number Myth

Twenty-five good, quality crunches are much better than 250 half-done crunches. Many people just want to get it over with so they lie down and do as many fast crunches as they can while lacking in quality.

The best thing to do is perform 4 sets of 20-25 solid crunches while resting 90 seconds in between each set. That is a much more effective way of training your abs than 250 lackluster crunches in a row.

4. The 6 Pack Myth

We'd all love to have that solid six pack to show off when we're at the pool right? Well, what most people don't realize is that solid abs don't start in the gym, they start in the kitchen. If your body contains a lot of fat, your abs won't show no matter how much you exercise.

Your first goal should be to lose that fat, and it starts with your diet. Decrease the amount of fat and calories you consume and increase the amount of protein. Protein is an absolute necessity for ridding fat and building muscle.

You can crunch all you want, but if you're still consuming burgers and fries, you'll end up with a six pack covered in fat. 

The Best Stomach Exercise

The best exercise for the stomach is one that may surprise you. It's not the traditional sit-up or ab crunch. It's not leg thrusts or trunk twists either. So before you go out and buy the Gut Buster 5000, you should know that the best exercise you can do for your stomach won't cost you a thing.
All you need are your two feet because the best exercise that I'm talking about is none other than walking or jogging.
If you've found that your stomach is a little more flabbier than it used to be, it's likely there are other parts of your body that have unwanted weight attached. It's just that the stomach is often times the most noticeable.
Your body cannot just eliminate fat in one area. So if you are trying to crunch your way to a flatter stomach without exercising the rest of your body and reducing your fat intake, you'll never see results.

Start by doing cardio exercises to get that heart rate up and boost your metabolism. A good fast-paced walk or jog three times per week is a great way to accomplish this.

Experts say a good cardio workout can increase your metabolism by up to 24 hours!

A Quick Metabolism Exercise

Below is a sample workout that can be done to help give your metabolism a quick boost so you can burn calories.
1) Perform 30 seconds of hard exercise (i.e. run in place as fast as you can)
2) Perform 60 seconds of moderate exercise (i.e. a casual jog or brisk walk).
3) Repeat this process 5-10 times.
4) Cool down for 3-5 minutes

Just Remember...

Along with a healthy diet, walking and/or jogging is one of the best stomach exercises you can perform because it raises your metabolism enough to burn excess calories all over your body.

Total body fitness, not just spot toning one area, is the key to a flat stomach. Why not kick start your fitness routine with a nice, fast-paced walk at least 3 times per week? It really is the best exercise, and your stomach will thank you.


So there you have some of the most common myths about flattening your stomach and forming your abs. Hopefully you've learned that it's not just about doing a few crunches per day. It's about total body fitness and changing your diet.

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