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Can't Keep The Weight Off?

The Reason May Surprise You.

Ever wonder why some people have no trouble keeping their weight off while others struggle with the never-ending weight yo-yo?
Most people don't realize this, but there is a direct connection between weight loss and self esteem/self worth, but not in the way you might think.

Now, before I begin, I want to clarify that this article does not apply to everyone who is overweight. Some people may have gland or hormone issues. For others, genetics may play an important role. Or perhaps you simply don't have time to exercise and never made it a priority.

On the other hand, a large percentage of people who are overweight never realize that improving their self esteem will make the weight loss process much easier and help keep it off for good.

Here's the big misconception...

People tend to believe they feel bad about themselves because they are overweight. Yes, that is partially true because the weight just adds to the negative feelings, but sometimes you don't dig deep enough and discover why you became overweight in the first place.

Often times it's because you've used food for comfort to help deal with depression, negative life events or low self esteem. So you end up eating your way to an undesirable weight.

Losing the weight is a continuous struggle because you haven't addressed the real reason you continue eating the wrong foods and avoid exercise. And until you address this, the weight loss will always be an uphill battle because you will continue using food for comfort.

You must attack the issue at the root. Overeating may only be a symptom of something bigger. Are you going through a divorce? Were you abused? Do you constantly compare yourself to others and feel inadequate? Do you always put yourself down? Why are you sad?

When you really love yourself from the inside out and have a high degree of self esteem and self worth, losing weight becomes much easier because you don't have the suppressed feelings of sadness, inadequacy, etc.

Your main focus is on getting your body healthy because you want to do it for yourself and no one else (not your husband, boyfriend, friends, etc.)

Until you really learn to love yourself for who you are, you will always feel sad or inadequate about something in your life. The weight may come off temporarily, but eventually comes right back.

Why does this happen?

Because when you don't feel good about yourself or your life, it's very difficult to stay motivated to eat healthy, exercise and do all the things you need to keep the weight off. Your mind is too preoccupied with feelings of self pity or other negative issues in your life. So the familiar weight yo-yo becomes a never-ending story.

There are so many companies out here advertising the latest diet pills or so-called miracle solutions to weight loss. I wish they would spend more time educating people on why they are overweight and help them attack the real problem first.

When you learn to address your issues from the root, you'll realize it's much easier to make exercise and eating healthy a priority.

So before you blame your love of food for your weight problem, take it a step further and ask yourself why you keep turning to food for comfort.

The solution to your permanent weight loss may be a self esteem shift or lifestyle change away. 

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